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The English Lab's purpose in setting up this site is to offer all learners and candidates a fundamental on-line tool with which to improve, consolidate and evaluate their use and structure of the English language.

The English Lab has been preparing students for English Examinations for over 15 years.  With over 20 publications geared towards ImageEFL Examinations in print and a success rate of over 70% in all levels, The English Lab is now in the fortunate position to be able to offer free TOEIC tests, free ECCE tests, free ALCE tests, and free ECPE tests. The English Lab also offers free ECCE listening tests, free ALCE listening tests, and free ECPE listening tests. The site also includes authentic ECCE exam materials and authentic ECPE exam materials as well as ECCE vocabulary lists, ALCE vocabulary lists and authentic ECPE vocabulary lists.

The material that follows is intended to be challenging and comprehensive, both in choice of subject and skills required. Contemporary methods of presentation and testing are used so as to keep learners at the forefront of language use, permitting them to be not only competent language users, but successful in any B1, B2, C1 or C2 level examination.

The authors, directly involved in the generation of the site, would like to wish all learners and candidates success in their studies and future. Take the tour and try out our free samples.






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